Valiant Gives Comical Response to Foota Hype Vowing to Stop Playing His Music – Watch Videos

As Foota Hype continues to lash out at podcaster Jaii Frais, the sound system selector has vowed to stop playing Valiant’s music after the artiste attended Jaii Frais’ party.

Let’s Be Honest host Jaii Frais has been a much-discussed topic over the past few months, following multiple polarising celebrity interviews. A resurfaced clip of the podcaster revealing his fondness for a certain controversial sexual proclivity has further plunged him into discord online, with Foota Hype one of many taking aim at him.

Following Jaii’s birthday bash over the weekend, Foota Hype expressed glee that Dancehall artiste Chronic Law did not perform as advertised. However, because Valiant was at the event as promised, Foota Hype went live and vowed to refrain from playing the artiste’s music.

The controversial selector, who is strongly opposed to any sexual preferences he views as immoral, has seemingly taken Valiant’s appearance at the party as acceptance of the podcaster’s resurfaced sexual fetish. In a video, the selector declared that no one would ever hear him play another Valiant track.

Foota Hype clarified that he is not fighting against the entertainer but is dissociating himself from him.

“Me dissociate myself from Valiant. Yuh affi decide eeda yah guh b**tyman road my youth or yah stay a straight road. Yuh nuh ramp wid our industry dem way yah bredda,” Foota Hype stated.

While he noted that an artiste’s success is dependent on selectors, Foota Hype said his dissociation from Valiant will not interfere with his career as he is only one selector. Foota Hype went on to show that he had deleted Valiant’s music from his laptop.

In response to his declaration, many viewers laughed off Foota Hype’s decision to stop playing Valiant. Commenting under a repost of the video, Jaii sarcastically expressed concern that Foota Hype’s declaration will drastically affect Valiant.

“Well that’s it for Valiant 😂,” Jaii wrote.

Also reacting sarcastically, producer and friend of both Jaii and Valiant, DJ Mac, said, “Oh no what are we gonna do now 😞.”

Valiant went on to react to Foota Hype in a comical video, in which he acted as if he was crying and falling apart emotionally after hearing the news.

Valiant and Foota Hype first met around two months ago while the pair were overseas. The selector had shown the young artiste respect for his achievements, and Valiant seemingly made reference to their friendly meeting in his video.

Watch Valiant’s response and the video of him and Foota Hype meeting below.

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