Valiant Releases “Scholar” Music Video – Watch Video

Dancehall sensation Valiant released a new music video responding to Minister Robert ‘Nesta’ Morgan’s comment regarding his trending single Dunce Cheque, which was released one week earlier. Valiant had defended the positive message behind his song after Morgan, a JLP member of parliament responsible for information, criticized it as an endorsement of illiteracy and a life of crime. Nevertheless, the Kotch E Hat Boss, who had more to say about the matter, took his thoughts into the studios, birthing his latest song, Scholar.

Valiant Speaks Out About Criticism on Latest Single “Dunce Cheque”


In Scholar, Valiant is being interviewed by a female while they sit outside beneath a string of lights. The interviewer immediately asks him to share his thoughts on what the minister said. Following the audio of Minister Morgan’s remarks, Valiant begins singing, “Please don’t judge me, just lef school and nav nuh subject, don’t call mi nuh dunce head, am a working progress, still affi come out to something, feel fi build a boat and run weh, nuting nah gwan inna di country. Weh mi ago do when mi hungry?”

While he sings, an individual is seen pushing a wheelbarrow along a path filled with debris, and he stops to reveal his palm, showing “6 CXC” carved inside. The St. Mary artiste continues by speaking about thieves who have many CXC subjects, overcrowded call centres, and the issue of low minimum wage. As the video continues, a clip of Half Way Tree is shown and a conductor loading a coaster bus reveals that he has “12 CXC” subjects. The video transitions to a fruit vendor arranging the fruits on his stall. The vendor shows that he has “5 CXC” subjects before the camera cuts to a cashier, who has “7 CXC” subjects, attending to a customer.

Later, The North Carolina entertainer is seen singing amongst a group as he adds, “tell all di baby inna di stroller, dunce is just a word just like mi slogan, kotch all mi hat inna a motion, kill e badmind wid devotion.” The group he is surrounded by is dancing to his song, chilling back, and smoking, as they seemingly relate to the hardships of life.

Watch Valiant’s Scholar music video below:

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