Valiant Robbed By Woman in Antigua

Friday, February 24, 2023, 1:39 AM

Dancehall artiste Valiant was robbed by a woman in Antigua who entered his circle under false pretence. In a video that is currently making the rounds, the deejay and a colleague shared what happened with the woman, who claimed to be a part of a team that escorted him to a property.

Based on the clip, they were completely unaware of the identity of the female intruder. Shortly after entering the house, the woman was seen wearing Valiant’s clothes while the Dunce Cheque singer slumbered.


“Mi a sleep and mi hear seh she have on mi clothes…Mi and dis girl nuh have nuh sexual intercourse or nothing,” Valiant stated. “Dat girl is f*cking crazy… I see her around Dexta… I see her around Chronic. That girl is f*cking crazy, she’s a clout chaser,” he outlined.

According to Valiant, who said he spent most of his time in Antigua sleeping and sick with the flu, the female stole his clothes, and he warned her that if she did not return his garments, he would get the police involved. Additional Valiant says that he was robbed of more than five thousand US dollars.

The video also showed messages from the artiste, saying that the woman was trying to sleep with him, and when he denied her, she hooked up with his manager.

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A video also surfaced of a female, who is supposed to be the woman who stole the clothes, telling viewers that she only hooked up with men in mansions and not board houses. 

Watch the videos of Valiant below:

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