Valiant Seemingly Disses Teejay and Popcaan on New Track “Bear & Salt”

Thursday, October 12, 2023, 3:38 PM

Collaborating with producer Dj Mac for his single Bear & Salt, dancehall artiste Valiant took aim at some of his detractors and seemingly dissed fellow entertainers Teejay and Popcaan on the track.



Valiant dropped the music video for his latest track on Wednesday. The single, humorously titled Beer & Salt, alluded to multiple topics, such as the viral incident that led to the closure of Crab Circle in Kingston and his disappointing performance in Miami.

After his performance at the Tipsy Music Festival in Miami began circulating online, it was quickly deemed a flop by viewers, with many of the event’s patrons seemingly unimpressed with the young artiste’s delivery on stage. Valiant kicked off Bear & Salt by addressing the performance, with the entertainer first watching the event at the beginning of the video, then singing, “Fly out and get one rough start. A suh mi brush it off. Stay far from beer and nuf salt.”

Valiant uses the phrase beer and salt as a synonym for any negativity that would bring him harm, such as his haters, whom he addresses throughout the single. Valiant is not known to have a rivalry with Teejay by the public but is apparently prepared to get involved with the Up Top Boss artiste’s fallout with Dj Mac.

Valiant seemingly addresses Teejay and Dj Mac’s fallout over the single Drift, which the producer suggested he helped to reach great success due to his promotion.


“Mac dem a link when dem cyaah fine a hit song. Mix up mi devn involve,” Valiant sings in the track’s first verse.

While Teejay and Valiant have no known beef with each other, it has long been rumoured that the Expensive deejay and Popcaan are no longer on speaking terms after Valiant left Popcaan’s Unruly camp. Some of Valiant’s fans have argued that Popcaan did nothing for his career, and the artiste declares in his single that he will not acknowledge anyone who hindered his career.

“Nah show nuh homage to nobody weh did a wull be back. Not only dat. And if a badness just talk mek mi load mi strap.”

Watch the video below.


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