Valiant Boasts That “Babsy” Would Never Ban His Song – Watch Video

It has been circulating that the government is making plans to take action against one of Valiant’s controversial songs. The song in question is his popular single Mad Out, which took over social media and parties the moment it was dropped.



Despite the massive praise the song attained, it also drew negative responses from individuals who felt that it was mocking mental health.

News of the government’s intention to ban the track surfaced online from an unofficial source, but it still got the attention of many, including the Kotch eh Hot dancehall deejay himself.

Valiant took to the internet, reacting to the rumour by saying that his “aunt,” Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, would never allow such a thing to happen.

“Babsy would neva! Babsy would neva!… Babsy would neva do dat,” he said, showing himself and his surroundings. The deejay was standing outside with his crew, who were also agreeing.

The video ended shortly after he said a line from one of his songs, “Neva know Babsy a mi aunty.”

Watch the video of Valiant below:


When the video was shared online, one viewer said, “Facts! Babsy would neva do that to her nephew,” and another wrote, “But the thing is tho what’s wrong with the song? The amount a some deh weh plp a talk bout killing chop off head robbing and all kinds of things and is a song weh seh me a mad out them waa ban 😳😳😳😳😳😳 lol f**kin crazy.”

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