Valiant Celebrates Birthday at Taboo; Skeng, Deno Crazy, 450, Ishawna, Vanessa Bling and More Performs – Watch Videos

Dancehall sensation Valiant has much to be appreciative of, one of which is living to see another birthday, which he made memorable at the popular strip club Taboo. Prior to the festivities that unfolded at Taboo, the deejay, also known as Fada Dipo, had an early start to his birthday, popping a bottle the day before as he counted down the hours.


Valiant, who is in his twenties, even washed his hands in the liquor before taking a sip. The Dunce Cheque hitmaker was seated in a chair, getting his hair groomed, and he expressed his gratitude for escaping a “piece of poverty” with the success of his music.

The celebration officially started Monday night, which was when the dancehall artiste came out with a string of entertainers at Taboo and went into his birthday at midnight with a big bang. Dressed in white, the St. Mary artiste performed his hits, which had the patrons in the tightly packed club singing along and loudly cheering.

The special moment resulted in Valiant feeling so great that he bragged about throwing $2 million inside the club, which he said was only the cost of duplate. The dancehall artiste was seen throwing stacks of money throughout the night, in the audience, and at the strippers.

In attendance were entertainers such as Ishawna, whose birthday is coming up next week, Tatik, Quada, Jahvillani, Pablo YG, Jafrass, Jquan, Laden, Skeng, Deno Crazy, 450, and Vanessa Bling, all of whom had the audience captivated and screaming the lyrics of their songs.

Watch the videos of Valiant’s birthday celebration below:



Valiant, a former student at Oberlin High School, has been crafting music since he was seven. The deejay, Raheem Bowes, gained recognition with a humorous short video, but it was not long before the public realised his musical talent. Some of his hits include Speed Off, Glock 40, Narcissistic, North Carolina, Insomnia, and Mad Out.

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