Valiant Taunts Popcaan with Alkaline’s Songs? – Watch Video

‘St. Mary’ deejay Raheem Bowes who is more commonly known as Valiant took aim at ‘St Thomas Native’ deejay Popccan during a live stream in which he used Alkaline’s song that dissed the Unruly Boss directly.

As most people may know, Valiant and Popcaan were associates, back in the day, however, things have changed and a video resurfacing of Popcaan insulting Valiant onstage years ago only added fuel to their feud in recent times.

Notably, Valiant used the songs ‘Cree’ and ‘Microwave’ to show off his mixing skills which is not too shabby.

However, he used the song ‘Microwave’ during the session and with the fact that the song is a direct diss at Popcaan coupled with Valiant’s known fallout with Popcaan, it only adds up that he’s aiming at Popcaan which most people who watched the video are also saying.

The footage was taken from Valiant‘s livestream and uploaded to MainDainger on Instagram where it has been getting a lot of reactions. Check out the footage of Valiant around the turn table below:

In reply to the video, one viewer commented, “Dawg obsess with poppy enuh” along with laughing emoji.

Another stated, “Bup inna yuh head microwave!” also with a laughing emoji.

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