Valiant’s Former Ghost Writer ‘Whispa Di Minista’ Puts Him On Blast

Press Release – Social media was sent into a frenzy on Friday night after what started out as another routine episode of the Shelly Curran-hosted Tea Time show was turned up a notch when one of her guests who goes by the name of Whispa Di Minista made shocking revelations about dancehall star Valiant. The singjay revealed that he was the one who introduced Valiant to the business of music and was also a ghost writer for the trending artiste.

“As a real yute weh love di music naturally me always a give youths strength from me heart. However, we need to break the cycle of good people helping upcoming talents to develop their craft and as soon as likkle light shine Pon dem a lone switch up gwaan and Nuh credit is given to the people who helped them along the way. Me Nuh rate dem energy deh and me want to tell all artistes this show respect to all those who helped you on your road to stardom” Stated Whispa Di Minista.


The Stony hill based deejay who is also a highly rated studio engineer says he was the one who took Valiant out of the church and brought him to his home studio to start his musical journey and has helped him with songwriting and the business of music throughout his career but was never credited.

“Many people in the business know when me a bring dem yute deh a studio with me and a show him di ropes but dem hide it and try hold down me career because dem never want me to rise and show dem up. Right now me know dem can’t sleep cause me just get signed to Nah Change Entertainment and me feel like a beat and teach season” Stated Whispa Di Minista.

Whispa Di Minista recently inked a management deal with international record label Nah Change Entertainment and has since released a steaming new collaboration entitled “Loyalty” which features Aranark.

Watch the full interview below:

SOURCE: Karl Durrant


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