Veneshia Buckley Goes on Rant, Cussing Vloggers and Viewers – Watch Video

Thursday, February 23, 2023, 11:00 AM GMT-5

Veneshia Buckley, the mother of Kaylan Dowdie, launched into a vehement tirade, bashing those who had been speaking ill of her daughter and misrepresenting the content of her previous live stream. Buckley previously went public about owing the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) $41.5 million in medical expenses for her daughter, which has attracted mixed reactions.

She reported that vloggers had edited the video and created the impression that she was requesting funds from the government, prompting viewers to pass harsh remarks about herself and Kaylan.


“Every video weh come out wid mi, unuh cut it, unuh paste, unuh do everything weh unuh can do…unuh change the narrative of whatever was suit unuh own agenda, unuh a crossis,” Buckley said angrily. “Mi sick and tired of it..unuh leave mi and mi children alone.”

She noted that while many vloggers had profited from Kaylan, Rush Link was the only one who had donated. Buckley explained that she had never requested financial assistance from the government but had merely suggested that all the women accused of assaulting Kaylan should have provided some form of restitution.

“Mi realize seh inna country yah, the victim is always victimized, nuh matter how gruesome the crime, unuh find something fi blame the victim,” she continued.

According to Buckley, there were persons who acted like they were collecting donations for Kaylan and stole thousands. As the furious mother went on, she spoke about leaving all the critics to God. “Nuh weapon weh form against me and my two pickney dem shall prosper, none! And every tongue that rise up against we ago be condemned,” she declared.

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Buckley shared that she spent over $200,000 in medication in only one week and said that Kaylan, who is unable to walk, still needs 24-hour nursing care.

Watch the video of Buckley below:

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