Venezuelans Flee to Peru and other Countries that are Close by

Monday, August 27, 2018, 9:08 AM

Due to the economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela where the people cannot find food and they have no access to health care. Thousands of Venezuelans rushed to get into Peru and other countries before Friday, when the new measures will be in effect, and entering Peru will be more difficult for them.

Tired people who were carrying their belongings in suitcases as they hope to be able to pass through the authorities check point to get into Peru before a passport is required on Saturday. It has become very hard for them to obtain a passport in Venezuela.


Venezuelans have fled to other nearby countries as well, as they fear starvation and death in their own country. Thousands of Venezuelans have already fled to other countries as their country which is a country that has more oil than many other countries, plunge into an economic crisis.

Some persons fear that requiring passports from persons who belong to nations who have none to give them, will only fuel irregularity. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been criticized for human rights abuses and for pushing through the creation of a powerful pro-government assembly to overrule an opposition-dominated legislature.

Ecuador, Brazil and Columbia have already received many Venezuelans who are very grateful for the opportunity to leave their country. Some of the places where Venezuelans are going have started to try keeping the foreigners out by stoning them. This is happening because the Venezuelans are willing to work for less than minimum wage and they are causing a reduction in the amount of available jobs in the already poor communities they find themselves in.

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