Veteran Dancer Labba Labba Passes Away

Monday, July 6, 2020, 12:49 PM

Veteran dancer of the dancehall space, Labba Labba has is reported dead. The dancer was said to be in his house when it happened. The Dancer was known to be sick for some time and unfortunately succumb to his illness.

Before he died, Labba Labba was known for the dance moves he created while working with artists such as Elephant Man, Beanie man, and Bogle.


In the past Labba Labba had mentioned that he toured with Elephant Man however as a result of the artist’s meanness he did not benefit monetarily from his work.

Since recent times he became known for a very controversial video that was released of him accusing Beenie Man of Bogle’s death which was later dispelled by the artist.

The dancer was noted to be a very Jovial person who according to his friends loved to gamble as he was very skilled at it. It is said that he was usually able to predict what would play in the well known “Cash Pot” game.

Labba Labba will be missed by a lot of Dancehall fans.

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