Video And Photo Leaked Of Policeman Getting Oral Sex

Photos and a video showing a police officer in a vehicle receiving oral sex has been circulating the internet. The policeman who is wearing a scarf over his nose and mouth has not been identified, however, the female’s face was visible while she performed the sexual act.

Reportedly, the policeman, who was on duty, picked up the woman in the JCF service van and then drove to a discreet spot.


The female is the person who took the pictures and made the video. The female is also alleged to have leaked the content online.

In the video, the woman’s voice is heard saying “I didn’t even know you were a police officer. Are you gonna serve and protect my throat?”

To this question, the policeman responded with words, “Well, I’ll try my best not to destroy it.”

It is said that the police officer also disguised his voice. In the pictures, the female had on a mask, but the mask was later removed as the sexual activity began.

The JCF is reportedly investigating the incident, but, with the officer’s identity hidden, JCF is having some difficulties.

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