Viral Hits found on Drake’s Latest Album “Scorpion”

[Sharingbuttons]Drake’s viral hits have been dominating charts many times with songs like “Gods Plan” and “Nice for What” and now there is a dance challenge that is lighting up social media. It is possible that some of the songs on his latest album “Scorpion” could become hit songs and go viral as well. The songs with the New Orleans bounce inspired beats, like “In my Feelings” is one that his fans will love dancing to.

The producer Trap Money Benny said he is grateful to be a part of the album because of the way things are trending at the moment. The challenge, that is being hashtagged with both “#In My Feelings challenge” and “#Do the Shiggy” refer to the dance moves on display. could have originated with the Comedian and online personality “The Shaggy Show”.


There are other views about how the dance challenge originated as well, as the dance challenge started after the album was released and fans loved the tracks they are using in the dance challenge..As the challenge is called “In my Feelings” dance challenge.

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