Viral Voicenote Of Police Warning Of Dark Days To Come For Jamaica

A shocking voice note was released recently featuring a police officer who served in the force for 33 years, claiming that the government’s recent treatment of members of the security forces, will have a negative impact on citizens of Jamaica.

According to the officer, he recently visited the sovereign Mall in Portmore Pines, where he tried to access the Wendy’s restaurant by the way of the drive-thru. What happened after that was very shocking to the police as he said on going to the second window to order, he saw where the vehicles in the line were moving very fast.


Driven by a surge of curiosity he wondered what was taking place when he saw the two ladies handling matters at the window taking white papers from the drivers. When it was his time to order he was asked if he had the white paper for which he responded that he did not.

In response to him not having the requested piece of paper, he was told that he could not get served. Those words immediately puzzled the officer who then asked the customer service representative what was written on the paper; however, he was told that if he had gotten the paper himself he would have known what was on it.

In sore disappointment, the policeman said he drove away but was nonetheless concerned about what was taking place in the country. In the voice note that went viral on WhatsApp, the alleged officer said that dark days are ahead, while also suggesting that if he was sick and needed food he would not have been served.

These recent issues are just some of the factors for which the alleged well-experienced policeman says that the officers are not even making an effort to arrest anyone in the lockdown.

According to what the alleged veteran member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force said in the voice note, things are only going to get worse until the end which will surely come.

The alleged officer also said the actions of the government towards the security forces will leave people unsafe as there will come a time when the police will not take action.

According to the alleged policeman in the voice note, he also encountered another situation on Sunday in New Kingston at the KFC. The officer expressed that he went to the restaurant in a marked police vehicle but was told he was unable to enter the building. Another policeman, according to him, was also on the scene, who told him that’s how it is at this time.

To his surprise, persons who are making deliveries were allowed to enter KFC without even wearing a mask. He also said that where such a situation is concerned, the police cannot do anything about it since the government stated that persons doing delivery cannot be charged because they have a license to do so.

The shocking thing about what the alleged officer said in the voice note is the fact that he experienced the same thing once more, at the KFC restaurant located in Braeton Portmore.

Because of all those occurrences, the alleged officer is saying that those persons who are unable to defend themselves will be in grave trouble as the government is acting like there is no need for the police.

Listen to the veteran cop below.

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