Visiting Jamaica: Best Tourist Destinations for Students

What can be better than spend a week in a new and unusual place? You should know that traveling can bring you positive emotions and change your routine lifestyle. That’s really what a lot of students need! 

If you are looking for unforgettable traveling, think about gorgeous Jamaica. This country is full of interesting and magnificent places that surely will leave only the best impressions. Before starting your voyage, explore some basic information about the country and make a list-to-visit.

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Some Basic Information About Jamaica 

Jamaica is an island country that locates in the Caribbean Sea. The official language here is English, so that you can be calm because of communication with residents because you won’t experience the language border. 

This country welcomes millions of tourists, as it’s super-rich in beautiful places and great nature. As usual, people recognize Jamaica because of its famous musician Bob Marley and super popular music genre Reggae. 

Are you ready to know the most popular places in Jamaica? Well, it’s about time to check them. 

Bob Marley Museum 

Who doesn’t know Bob Marley? Bob Marley is a national treasure of Jamaica, as he brought fame to this island. 

As he born and lived in Jamaica, the county residents decided to make a museum in his own house. That was a great idea. Nowadays, this place is one of the most visited. Millions of tourists come to the museum to see the legendary house of Bob Marley. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of Reggae, you surely must visit it.  

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Dunn’s River Falls

If you are a fan of wonderful nature, visiting Dunn’s River Falls will be a great idea. This place has breathtaking vibes and surely will surprise you. These falls are real phenomena. The water there is rich in calcium that makes it truly unique. Also, Dunn’s River Falls will impress you with its multiple cascades and astonishing views. No doubt, if you want to be closer to nature, this place is a perfect choice! 

Dolphin Cove

Another recommended place for you in Jamaica is Dolphin Cove. Imagine you will have the possibility to swim with dolphins and do snorkeling in the pure water of the Caribbean Sea. Sounds super great! It’s probably a dream of every student.

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Well, there is not a problem anymore, as you can do it in Dolphin Cave. Tourists simply adore this place for the ability to communicate with animals and the chance to walk in a jungle. 

Mystic Mountain 

The last place in our list today is Mystic Mountain, a real paradise for fans of extreme. Be ready to have a lot of fun, as Mystic Mountain offers flying above the rainforest, sailing under a wonderful Dunn’s River Falls and super fast bobsleighs through tropics. No doubt, you will be extremely excited after visiting this place. 

Final Recommendation 

As you saw, Jamaica is a wonderful place. It has astonishing nature and interesting places to visit. Even one day in Jamaica will impress you a lot. By the way, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to go there. 

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This country is comfortable for any budget, that’s very important for students. Don’t miss the possibility to see gorgeous Jamaica with your own eyes.

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