Voicenote Of Jah Cure Threatening ‘Papa’ Gets Released To The Public

Last Tuesday Reggae artists Jah Cure was sentenced in a Netherlands court to 6 years in prison for attempted Manslaughter after he was found guilty for the October 1st, 2021 stabbing of promoter Nicardo “Papa” Blake and on Thursday a voice note was released to the public that features the voice of the entertainer telling someone that he was going to stab Blake.

In the voice note, the “Longing For” artiste could be heard telling the person he sent the recording to that he is In the middle of Amsterdam square with killers waiting to stab “Papa” 60,000 times.

Even though, in the video, Jah Cure mentioned that he was ashamed to be sending the recording and even stated that he had the knife in his hand gearing up to teach ‘Papa’ to show respect to someone by the name of ‘Penco’.

The artiste could also be heard in the voicenote stating that what he was doing was stupid and even expressed that he has someone there to video the incident. 

Jah Cure and Nicardo “Papa” Blake

Going further Jah Cure uttered in the recording that he was waiting on ‘Papa’ to fix him good and would never send a voice note like the one he did without reason. In his rant, the singer stated that he was not in the mood to make a comedy show or movie but to star a real live show with what he was about to do.

At the end of the voicenote, the singer made it clear that ‘Papa’ made him work a show without payment, and was talking tough about it which seemed to have been the main reason behind the “True Reflection” singer’s agitation.

Jah Cure who is now 43 years old, was found not guilty for the charge of attempted murder but was not so lucky with the attempted manslaughter charge since his reasoning of self-defence was thrown out by the court. 

The singer’s team still does have the opportunity according to Netherlands Public Prosecution Service to appeal the ruling within 2 weeks if they are in disagreement with the verdict.

Listen to the viral audio below.

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