Vybz Kartel Claims He won’t post on IG until 2021

April 27, 2020

After much feuding in recent times, the Gaza boss is now possibly looking to stop his “Petty Ways” online as we see most of it was carried out on Instagram.

“last I.G. Post Till 201!” kartel wrote on his Instagram hours ago with the statement below.


He seemingly tagged several dancehall artistes including Aidonia, Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel, he also made sure the comments section was disabled has done for several other recent post he made on IG.

Aidonia shared the screenshot below which shows himself being tagged along with others.

Aidonia was not about to make this slide, he went ahead and put out a lengthy statement on his social media page which states “Big and serious…someone needs to check on Vybz Kartel mental health…put this man on suicide watch…this is not the vybz kartel we know…the war angel the world boss bickering on the internet over numbers…when the world has crowned this man one of the greatest in dancehall…”

The 4th Genna deejay did not stop there, he urges that “someone needs to check and see if he has his phone…all this posting is it vybz kartel or post malone….Ya talk bout man fi try stop u …explain how …me woulda pay u 10mil right now fi a man tell me how…”

Aidonia went on to give Kartel props as a dancehall star “if prison neva stop u how mankind fi stop u…u unstoppable dawg…ya war with bay youth who idolize and look up to u a joke ting dat….ya close to 50 so ya war wid u grand kids….ya talk bout war dis and war dat… how man fi war man weh deh jail…nuh man inna dem rightful mind nah do dat… memba a mi seh Addi A Mi Daddy and right now ya move like mi Mommy 😭 and mi nuh want unnu tek dis fi joke…”

He continued saying “inna dem serious time ya when covid a tek di lives of so many people locally and internationally…unnu a fwd wid dis negativity we nuh need dat inna Jamaica…we nuh need dat inna Dancehall…GAZA FANS the SHEEP 🐑 if unnu love unnu sheperd Pray for Vybz Kartel !!! Pray for Vybz Kartel !!! Pray for Vybz Kartel !!! 4THGENNA nah nuh time fi mix up …we a focus pan we self and a do we ting… @govanagenna gone to di world ntn nuh deh pan him level…done chat!! #AMOUT


After giving kartel props Aidonia made sure to throw shade at the worl’boss stating that “Right now mi gone lay dung side a mi WIFE”, knowing that Kartel has no woman to go sleep beside.


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