Vybz Kartel Highlights Jamaica’s Injustice as The World Protest George Floyd’s Death

Friday, June 5, 2020, 12:18 PM

Vybz Kartel is trying to bring awareness to the local justice issues because of the uproar that followed the George Floyd homicide.

People all over the world are lobbying to change the laws and improve the legislature so it can be more inclusive for black people. The ongoing fight for social justice is going on and citizens are being encouraged to vote and donate to organizations that will support the cause by signing petitions and championing for justice when there are police brutality victims that need legal representation, phone in, and email authorities, protests and more.


In Jamaica, it is said that there are still some unjustified cases to which no closure was brought, and Vybz Kartel is urging his people to remember that while the racial inequality in the US remains the main focus of this justice movement, we are facing similar issue in Jamaica.

After the heartbreaking death of George Floyd, the deejay who is incarcerated went to social media to talk about social justice in Jamaica.

Kartel wrote the following “RIP #georgefloyd and to my Jamaicans, remember our local injustices as well. #lestweforget #justiceforjodian,” he wrote. He refers to the questionable death of a college graduate whose tragic childbirth experience was filled with abuse by negligent persons at medical facilities.

Jodian was forced to have her baby naturally after it was said that she needed a scheduled C-section three months earlier, but she was failed horribly by the health system also, its due diligence was neglected and the professionals were prejudiced, and they did not give her the proper care she needed. The Deejay’s post showcased a GoFund Me page that was created for the deceased young mother whose child is still alive.

Kartel also highlights that Susan Bogle was shot dead while in her house in August Town by a member of the Jamaican Security Force.

Kartel’s statement echoes what many people are working towards around the world now, “I was floored when I learned that there are people who to this day still believe that racism does not exist. According to an article recently published by Forbes, approximately 4,728 people in the U.S. have died in police shootings since January 2015 and 26% of the victims were black. However, African Americans only make up less than 13% of the population which means the rate at which they are killed by police is more than twice the rate of whites. These statistics don’t even begin to encompass the bias in the judicial system or the socio-economic disadvantage that colored people face in America with jobs, housing, media, gentrification, income disparities, and the list goes on”. 

One angry fan wrote “Before you post anyone asking for justice in Jamaica, post Lizard!” while another supported Kartel by saying “Teacha wether u like it or not i see u as a martin,malcom garvy and even paul bougle your my hero an everyday mi see dats y d system dnt like u”.

More celebrities continue using their platforms to raise awareness for the cause in their own countries. To educate ourselves on these injustices being meted out to Black people is important, recognizing prejudice and privileges, and committing to being a part of the well-needed change is what they are working towards.

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