Vybz Kartel Look Alike tells Spice about her mother and here’s why…

[Sharingbuttons]It’s 2019 and Spice is still making rounds on social media, this time around she is the one who is being told about her mother. The Vybz Kartel look alike which was featured in CONJUGAL VISIT video is now bashing spice online, the 2 seems to have fallen out sometime ago and Kartel’s look alike it taking it to the public.

He wrote he following on his social media page “suck uh Mada gyal #spice who you made ? That’s all you do was use mi don’t pay mi then abuse my little career, even though you didn’t pay mi I could have make money some other way people were trying to find mi in those time’s from all over the world but u told them you didn’t have any link to mi an I wasn’t using any social media platform soo you know they couldn’t find mi all because you know you were covering up something an I made a instagram page in 2016 an u were the first person to block mi, people ever stop an wonder how them never see mi or hear mi on a interview from I do #conjugalvisit you hide mi from all of them…if u never block mi I could tag u this.”




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