Vybz Kartel Released From 23-Hour Lockdown, Lawyer Isat Buchanan Gives New Details – Watch Interview

Vybz Kartel has been released from solitary confinement after spending weeks inside a cell that was described by his lawyer as a “brick oven.” The deejay was placed inside the prison cell as a part of a 23-hour lockdown after phones were reportedly discovered inside his jail cell.

Kartel’s attorney, Isat Buchanan, spoke about the lockdown affecting the deejay’s health during an interview by explaining that the deejay instantly contracted an infection the moment the lockdown was in effect. Kartel, legally named Adidja Palmer, subsequently received treatment, but his Graves disease worsened.

While highlighting the symptoms of Graves disease, which are swollen thyroids and protruding eyes, Buchanan said Vybz Kartel also developed a “mild heart condition.”

“The cell that he is in doesn’t have a toilet; it doesn’t have a shower. It is just a concrete cell with vents at the top,” he explained during an interview with the Entertainment Report. Buchanan added that Kartel was only allowed to use the bucket during the 23-hour lockdown, and whatever he did with the bucket, such as passing excrement, remained with him in the cell until officers saw fit to release him to remove it.

Isat Buchanan

In regards to the deejay having access to cell phones in prison, Buchanan pointed out that prisoners would always get access to phones because the penitentiary did not have phones hooked up on walls for convicts to communicate with their loved ones.

Buchanan said he would not blame the inmates who have access to phones but instead would blame the prison and the government for not finding out how the phones are getting inside the prison. “Government must fix the prisons before they fix their pockets,” he stated.

The lawyer had submitted an injunction, requesting that the Department of Correctional Services refrain from isolating Kartel. On June 12, Buchanan learned that Vybz Kartel was no longer under a 23-hour lockdown while he and the DCS were in court. Buchanan and the DCS should return to court on June 26.

Watch the interview with Isat Buchanan below:

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