Vybz Kartel Replies to Allegations That He Tried To Kill Popcaan

June 28, 2020

Vybz Kartel has found a new enemy however this time it’s not a fellow dancehall artiste, it’s with a popular Jamaican YouTuber called “Politricks Watch”.

After going back and forth with Vybz Kartel for weeks online, Politricks Watch after “getting a threat” took things one step further to disclose some shocking information that was not known by the public before.


See their initial online spats below.

After these comments plus others by Vybz Kartel, Politricks Watch in is own words stated that he is “in war” with Vybz Kartel, he also earlier stated that Vybz Kartel is safer behind bars.

According to Politricks Watch Vybz Kartel Placed a hit out on Popcaan shortly after he got his Black Range Rover. The video has racked up over 250,000 views in just two days as Politricks Watch gave extensive details on what transpired and what could have transpired.

In 2016 “do you remember when you tell black man that because Popcaan is a informer he needs to be taken care of?” Politricks Watch asked Kartel.

According to Politricks Watch Popcaan was returning from a party in Portmore when all hell almost broke loose “Popcaan did you know there was a car driving behind you?..” He went on to tell Popcaan that “those man was going to take your life that day”.

Politricks Watch explains that the car was getting close to Popcaan’s car and the shooting was to take place at a red light however Police coincidentally pulled up on Popcaan and escorted him out of the traffic “Popcaan that moment right there is the reason you are here in 2020” Politricks Watch aka Sir. P stated that he is 100% sure that’s what took place.


Politricks Watch went on to disclose that a person by the name of “Suss” was in the car that was after Popcaan, the same “Suss” Kartel made reference to in one of his songs and not the one that’s in jail current.

Popcaan as since posted Vybz kartel’s album to his instagram after not posting Vybz Kartel’s other recent albums, it does appear that Popcan and Vybz kartel are on good terms.

However, Since the reports Popcaan has also released some spiritual content online, plus a song which talks about fake friends titled “FRIENDS LIKE THESE”, in the songs he mentions “mi life dem a try fi set up.. pagan nuh like si mi up”, this line causes many fans to question if the allegations are true.


Politricks Watch went on to addressed Vybz Kartel as “worl’snitch” and threatens to disclose more information on Kartel including the Lizard incident.

This is what Vybz Kartel wrote in response to the rumours “i wanna kill someone but shit.. road block.!! mi na badda” with laughing emoji and tagged popcaan.


Popcaan is yet to comment directly on the matter.


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