Vybz Kartel responds to Alkaline Dissing Tony Matterhorn

Jailed dancehaller Vybz Kartel clearly was amused by the whole incident that took place a couple days ago, whereby Alkaline disrespected Popular Sound selector Tony Matterhorn for playing his music. Unexpectedly the “worl’Boss” made a statement in reply for Alkline and others to see on his social network page. The statement is “WHAT’S A PARTY WITHOUT VYBZKARTEL MUSIC?? DWBCL!!!!”.

Tony Matterhorn have since respond to the incident, stating that he had to be the bigger man and not react to Alkaline in the the heat of the moment, Tony also went on to say that Alkaline is only making himself look bad! showing that he have a problem with Vybz Kartel.

Meanwhile The appeal trial for incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel and his co-accused will commence July 9, 2018.

Alkaline aka “Young Lord” gets UPSET at Tony Matterhorn For Playing Kartel Songs At His Party [Video]

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All of you shut the fuck up now that gone from last week what is kartel , alkaline and mattaron doing for unuh why unuh still on here cussing .its Christmas go do time with your families .


Straight up people this ting gone too for caz rite now this music ting a get to all we brain


Fair is fair. Marathon a pussy. U can’t spoil di youth party bet you couldn’t bloodclat do that a kartel or bounty killer party.


Ask galcaline why all now him no respond to tommy-lee when the man lock him pon the plane. After that him can push badness him and him falla backa man dem behind him. Man them fi just play some music and relax man. If him did feel away him shouldn’t diss the dj so.


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