Vybz Kartel Sends Threat to Female who Said this about his Son Likkle Vybz

Thursday, March 4, 2021, 9:31 PM

Dancehall kingpin Vybz Kartel is once again amongst the topics for discussion after his Instagram page replied to a female who had some not so nice things to say about his son suggesting that Likkle Vybz could suffer the same faith as Clive “Lizard” Williams who is according to the Jamaican police, dead.

Vybz Kartel initially posted an image of his son being featured on onstageTV, the show which will be aired this weekend, he wrote “DIS SATDEH 9 A CLAKK”.


The person who goes by the name Sahsiboo1_ stated, “I wonder how u would feel if the same faith to Clive(lizard)Williams old time people used to say what goes around comes around the University works in mysterious ways!!!!”.

Vybz Kartel’s Instagram replied directly to the comment in a way that have many people questioning his petty actions and question again whether or not the worl’boss is really in control of his social media pages.

While it’s a given that any parent will feel some type of way if someone threaten’s or talk bad about their kids, it must be noted that the social media page that made the comment could be a fake page and given his situation, Kartel should not be treating anyone, regardless.

Kartel in his fiery reply wrote “how u would feel if me send come shot yuh inna u face in front u made”, the jailed dancehaller did not stop there, another reply stated “any boy even dream dat, everything inna him yaad dead. all di baby weh just born yesterday. Stop mek internet fool yuh gyal”.

Check out the comments below.

The comments by Vybz Kartel’s page have since been removed.

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