Vybz Kartel’s Attorney Bert Samuels Talks About The “Fake News” of Rejected Appeal and 8/10 Chance – Watch Interview

Rumours of Adidja Vybz Kartel Palmer’s appeal being denied were spreading like wildfire a few days ago, when, in actuality, the Privy Council had rejected the application to introduce new evidence into Kartel’s murder. However, the rumour made headlines, and attorney Bert Samuels reacted by labelling it “fake news” while highlighting the public’s lack of understanding of the legal system.

Samuels, one of the defence lawyers in Kartel’s murder appeal, spoke on the matter during an interview with the Entertainment Report. Samuels explained that to “appeal to the Privy Council, you must get the leave of the Jamaican Court of Appeal,” which only approved four grounds of appeal when they had requested five.


The legal team then applied for three more grounds at the Privy Council, which was rejected without the attorneys presenting their arguments. “The four grounds, they cannot refuse to hear them; they have not refused to hear them; they will be heard later this year, latest, early next year,” Samuels stated.

Vybz Kartel is one of the three men found guilty in 2014 of killing Clive “Lizard” Williams in 2011. During the murder trial, one of the jury members allegedly bribed the jurors but was permitted to remain on the jury and determine a verdict.

Samuel shared that this was one of the grounds of appeal, in addition to the contamination of the phone that contained recordings of Kartel’s conversations. He shared that an officer had used the phone, leading to his argument that “people can superimpose your voice on anything.”

Samuels also touched on the impact the Worl Boss still continues to have even though he has been incarcerated for a decade and noted that Vybz Kartel is being followed by Fox News in America, which conducted an exclusive interview with the singer despite being behind bars.

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“The moment he walks out of that prison, it’s going to be similar to…the release of Mandela because he is so popular worldwide,” Samuels continued.

Watch the interview with Bert Samuels below:

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