Vybz Kartel’s Fiancée Sidem Öztürk Talks About Life, Love, Marriage, Kids and Moving to Jamaica – Watch Interview

Sunday, October 23, 2022, 4:21 PM

Sidem Öztürk, the fiancée of Vybz Kartel and Turkish national who migrated to Jamaica to pursue a love interest with the incarcerated deejay, recently appeared on an episode of Onstage TV. During this interview, she spoke about their unconventional romance and plans for the future.

According to Öztürk, she arrived on the island on August 15th, which is her second visit to the country, leaving behind a job as a Housing Officer within the Jewish community in London. Prior to that, she worked as a Support worker for children under the local authority.


However, she and Addi, as she calls him, made the decision for her to move to Jamaica where she would be closer, which was supported by family and friends.

Blushing as she speaks about the love between her and her fiancée, she referred to it as an “obsession” and shared that she had manifested forming a bond with him. She also spoke of his physical attractiveness and claimed to be a fan of his musical works ever since.

“From a very young age I heard his music so I did enjoy his music but…I find him very handsome. So I was very attractive to him and you could kinda call it an obsession because I just thought he was the most perfect man for me and walking the earth. So I just really wanted to meet him and just get to know him cause I felt like just watching his interviews and everything I felt like he resonated with me. So I took it upon myself to make sure that I get to meet this man of my dreams,” she said.

During their time physically together, the Turkish national stated that they have spent about 30 minutes for each prison visit but added that “it was more than enough”. She also described this experience as being “amazing” as she was able to hug him and be close without any barriers.

Host Winford Williams then questioned Öztürk on the potential date for the wedding, however, she advised that she is waiting on the decision of the Privy Council, noting that she intends to go “all the way” for her man and vowing that they will be tying the knot. She also nodded in the affirmative to confirm that they plan to have kids in the future.

As it relates to the Portmore deejay’s kids, she mentioned that she has only met Likkle Vybz so far and that was in November of 2021 when he was in London.

More so, Öztürk claims that she has no interest in music or the arts but sometimes manages Vybz Kartel. She also was his inspiration for the release of his new album, ‘True Religion’, which she says stems from their love and support for each other.

Watch the full interview below:

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