Vybz Kartel’s Lawyer Worried about Sick Prisoners

Valerie-Neita Robertson, Queens Counsel is suggesting that the authorities put prisoners who are susceptible to catch COVID-19 in isolation to protect them from being infected.

The attorney who represents Adidja Palmer said she is extremely concerned about him, and she is worried about the other inmates there who could have health issues.


She said. “there has been times when there are similar outbreaks and she doesn’t believe the authorities have done enough for the prisoners in the past. She would like them to be placed in a hospital ward with proper protection.

Kartel the popular deejay who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams; has made several trips to the hospital since he was incarcerated.

 Stand Up for Jamaica, headed by Carla Gullatta, and some human rights organisations and individuals, have been calling on the Government to do more to mitigate, the spread of the virus.

They recommended the temporary release of at-risk inmates, including the ones who are 60 and older, some with weakened immune systems, and prisoners with chronic illnesses including heart disease and diabetes.

Warders and Visitors Could take COVID-19 into the Cells, Mrs. Neita-Robertson insisted that tighter measures may be needed to prevent the virus from infecting the prisoners, considering that warders are constantly entering and exiting the cells as they carry out their duties.

She also said “I am assuming visits have been stopped now but food is still coming in, and the virus can live on plastic for hours and they can’t spray the food. So I really don’t know what they are going to do but something needs to be done.”

Since Jamaica now has 26 confirmed cases of the Novel coronavirus. Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister said the country is now rapidly approaching community spread phase, and an increase in the number of cases is expected.

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