Worl’Boss’s Name Gets CALLED-UP In Dog Paw And Prisoner Controversy

Friday, August 27, 2021, 8:37 PM

It seems as if when it comes to controversy and the name Vybz Kartel there is no shortage, as even the recent viral voice notes between a man alleged to be “Dog Paw” and an inmate by the name of “Momo”, saw “Addi’s” name pop up, in the form of his well-known moniker “Worl Boss”.

The name of the deejay surfaced in one of the voice notes where the man many are alleging to be Christopher Linton responded to threats issued by the prisoner “Mo”, by telling him that it was money that made him get stabbed over 10 times.


The man suspected to be “Dog Paw”, continued by expressing his point that it was by way of the inmate referred to as ” Momo” violating “Worl Boss” why the situation unfolded, as after he disrespected the entertainer he made another prisoner called him in their cell, telling him that they would let him speak to Kartel.

According to the story, as given by the man alleged to be Linton, it was at that time that “Momo” received up to 10 stabs, that would have killed him if another prisoner had not saved his life. It was for this reason according to what was heard in the voicenote, why the inmate was transferred from the Spanish Town Prison to the Horizon remand centre.

The dispute between the two men seemed extremely violent where words are concerned and it started because “Momo” accused the man suspected to be “Dog Paw” that he referred to as “Animal”, stealing several items including shoes and clothes from his cell when he was moving.

On a different note, what fans know are the hit songs being released from Vybz Kartel as well as the outside controversies surrounding him and the murder conviction he is currently undergoing, but what happens with him within the premises of prison is unknown.

Just recently the entertainer was featured in an interview with Fox5 news, however, there were no reports of him being involved in any altercations. The most that the “Teacha” said happened to him while being incarcerated is him being sick for several years, and writing ton of music to cope.

Listen the recording below.

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