Wanted Jamaican Man Shot Dead by Cops in the United States

A Jamaican man has been shot dead in the United States, after being wanted and on the run for over 3 weeks.

He was under the radar after the shooting of a state Trooper on November 20th, after he was pulled over in a stolen vehicle, in Hyannis, Massachusetts.


The officer, who was hit in the hand was also saved by his bulletproof vest but, had to be hospitalised after the incident.

The man has been identified as 35-year-old Andre Sterling who was wanted for the shooting, armed assault, weapon possession, car theft and unauthorized use of the vehicle was traced by Us Marshalls, by way of the stolen car, to an address in Bronx, New York.

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After pulling up to a location about 5:30 am the Marshalls, knocked on a door and was later let in by a man. Immediately after being let in the location, Sterling appeared from a different point in the same building space, opening gunfire, hitting two of the Us Marshalls, injuring one in the arm and the next in the arm and leg.

Heavy gunfire then ensued, whereafter the dead body of Sterling was found.

The wanted man was also needed in connection with Narcotics and Identity theft in the states of Wyoming and Massachusetts.

The man who opened the building for the lawmen was also shot in the head, however, has survived the incident along with the injured Marshalls.

There is no confirmation, as to whether Andre Sterling was a resident of the United States or not.

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