Wanted Man Demands Justice In Return For His Surrender To Constant Spring Police

A man who has been wanted by the police comes public to announce that he will only surrender himself when he is assured that his case will be treated justly.

Rohan Reinford is pleading innocence to the allegations he said were made against him by a community member. Reinford, who is from Rosehall in Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew, claimed that the community member falsely accused him and his nephews of being involved in gun-related activities.

Reinford has been wanted by the Constant Spring police for questioning regarding the complaint of the community member, but Reinford refuses to turn himself in until the police conduct a thorough and just investigation. He disclosed his concerns in an interview with TVJ but hid his face as he believed revealing himself would make him a greater target.

Explaining why he couldn’t surrender, Reinford stated that the community member allegedly gave a group of the police officers at Constant Spring half a million dollars to arrest him and his nephews regarding an incident that happened in 2020.

According to Reinford, he and the community member had a disagreement in the past, which is why the man is making false allegations now. Previously, the community member allegedly wanted to join forces with Reinford to make them both become dons within the community, but Reinford rejected his request.

As a result of his rejection, the community member made a series of complaints against Reinford. The man’s lastest complaint was reported earlier this year and it included two of his family members.

“2022, this man again come accuse me and my nephews of; me driving down my car, block the road on him and my two nephew jump offa di hell and shoot him,” Reinford said recounting the last allegation.

Additionally, the Rosehall community, who were rallying around Reinford, has made it clear that they firmly support Mr Reinford, and they accuse the police of siding with the complainant instead of conducting a thorough investigation. In addition to Reinford’s interview, another member of the community was also interviewed.

The woman who was interviewed told TVJ that Reinford was their family member who grew up in the community and they are against anyone being a don in the area.

She continued to state, “It has been alleged dat dis man pay people, pay polices fi come in and tek 3 a we family member. At di end a di day him gone with 2 already and now a di third one him want and we decide seh we ago stand flat footed and say yes we a tan up fi we family member cause him nah go in to di criminal dem weh inna di police force. So we come out today to stand up in regards to this.


Last week the police went to Rosehall to arrest his nephew, which is captured in a video. That was the same day the police inspector who was making the arrest suddenly collapsed and died in the community.

Subsequently, TVJ contacted the Commander of the North Police Division, Aaron Fletcher, who said that Reinford was making the situation worse by refusing to surrender. Commander Fletcher stated that Mr. Reinford needed to turn himself in and let the court decide.

However, Reinford only begs the police to investigate the situation properly, and then he will immediately turn himself in.

Watch the interview below.

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