Warren Weir apologises to Cops for his unacceptable behaviour

[Sharingbuttons]After receiving countless back-lash with regards to his recent traffic stop which was recorded and went viral, bronze Jamaican olympic medalist Warren Weir is seeking to restore some form of respect to his name. Mr. Weir had to following to say “After careful consideration over the last few days, and numerous discussion with my family and friends, along with analyzing the feedback of many on social media, i would like to apologize for my reaction to being stopped by members of the Jamaica constabulary for a routine search recently.”

In the letter posted to his social media page the flamboyant sprinter also went on to state that “I do realize that i may have been upset and while i may have felt targeted, this was not in fact the best way to react in that situation.”

While some critics blame the police for unlawful search of the vehicle on the other hand others blasts Weir for making jokes at the Police officers who were doing their job, in the end Warren weir ended up receiving a ticket for excessive tint.

In closing Warren Weir said “This incident has given me the opportunity to look at how i can handle relations with the police differently in the future, and also be mindful of how my posts will affect not just my immediate friends and family, but also those who look up to and support me as an athlete, national representative and entrepreneur.”

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