Warren Weir’s Lawyers insist that Random Search was Unlawful

July 31, 2018

Warren Weir the athlete that represents Jamaica was pulled over by the police while he was driving along the highway in Trelawny recently.

His car was extensively searched and when nothing that was unlawful was found, the police managed to find an unpaid ticket, however, there were no warrants issued for his arrest, so the police was not able to arrest him. However, they gave him a ticket for excessive tint.


It is sad that it seems as though, the young man has worked so hard to represent his country and now he is being targeted and harassed because he drives a BMW Suv, this is how he feels about the matter.

His attorney Bert Samuels says it is unconstitutional for the police to give random searches like that, after the 2013 Supreme Court ruling. Searches should only be conducted if there is reason for doubt and suspicion.

Weir and the police used camera phones to record the full encounter and a video is now circulating on Youtube.


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