Watch: 21st-Century Kissing Device Intended to Save Long-Distance Relationships

Sunday, February 26, 2023, 7:42 PM

In a video that made its way to the internet feeds on Twitter, inventors have created a device that mimics the kissing of two end users to make it seem like they are kissing each other in real life.

According to CTV News, the device originated in China. It was inspired by a university student who was in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, and because they were far apart their main mode of contact was their mobile devices.


In order to initiate a kiss, a user must first download a mobile app for the device and then connect the device through their phone’s charging port. The user then pairs the app with their intended partner.

The kissing replicator also includes pressure sensors, actuators, and silicone lip replicas to provide users with the most realistic experience possible. It also mimics the body heat of its users and relays the sounds they make to their partners. It then imitates the motions of the user’s lips and the intensity of their kiss.

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The device’s intended use is to help couples share more intimacy over long distances, but users can also upload their kissing techniques for other users to download and experience.

The Twitter video begins with the device apparently puckering up to plant a smooch on the receiver. It then cuts to a male and a female sharing a virtual kiss. The device seems to be available in different colours and is compatible with various devices.

Watch the video of users testing the new kissing device for long-distance lovers below:

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