WATCH: Alleged Jamaican Scammer’s House being searched by Police – Video

The 28+ minute video long started with the suspect’s mother opening the door of the house to the police. She was then served a search warrant after which several police officers entered the house and started walking around.

“they know this man is here, they come more than once” Says the mother while telling another female that it’s not the first time that the cops search her house for no apparent reason.


“Unuh search it till it tired” says the mother at one point when a police officer opened a draw in one of the bedrooms but the draw was breaking. The officers searched multiple rooms and the men that were present at the location.

“People this a sup’n weh dem duh so often” According to the lady the Police visited the house 5 times now and she has a burnt car in her yard but the police don’t care at all about that incident.

She continued stating that she know whats the reason behind the search and she knows that the police have a friend that sends them each time to search the house “wonda if fi yo friend nuh tired fi send you come search”.

One of the men at the location searched was arrested and taken away by the poilce, watch the full video below.

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