WATCH: Cam’ron Gives Crazy Interview Talking about Diddy on CNN

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 1:32 AM

New York rapper Cam’ron has once again made headlines, this time for his outrageous behaviour during a CNN interview Monday night. Footage of the interview has been circulating online, capturing the rapper in a particularly raunchy and unfiltered moment. The interview started off on a somewhat tense note, with the female interviewer focusing primarily on questions about fellow music mogul Diddy.

This line of questioning seemed to irk Cam’ron, who quickly became visibly annoyed after multiple questions about Diddy’s personality and the viral video.


Adding to the bizarre nature of the interview, Cam’ron openly drank a controversial sex-enhancement drink during the session. This unconventional move caught the interviewer and viewers off guard. As he sipped the drink, Cam’ron nonchalantly mentioned his plans for after the interview, stating that he intended to get some “cheeks,” a slang term referring to sexual activity.

This candid and unexpected comment left little to the imagination and underscored the rapper’s irreverent attitude throughout the interview. However, he made sure to point out that what he saw int he viral video was “disgusting”.

As the interview progressed, it became increasingly clear that Cam’ron was trolling the interviewer and the audience. His off-the-cuff remarks and dismissive attitude towards the questions posed to him suggested that he was not taking the situation seriously. Sensing the rapidly deteriorating professionalism of the interview, the female interviewer decided to cut the session short, ending the segment abruptly.

The footage of this chaotic and provocative interview has since gone viral, drawing a wide range of reactions from viewers. Some have found the rapper’s antics amusing, while others have criticised him for his lack of decorum and respect for the interview format.

See some of the reactions to Cam’rons’s interview below:


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