WATCH: Chronic Law Tries to Get Video Vixen to Show Her Ass, Resulting in Awkward Moment “Free up yo batty Jaw”

Shared on social media early Wednesday morning, this video has been getting a lot of reactions. The footage shows behind-the-scenes of a Chronic Law music video shoot. The video begins with ‘Law Boss’ trying to seemingly lift the vixen on the set garment to show her ass to which she turned and said no.

Chronic Law explained his action, noting that he just wanted her to show off her asset to the camera. The girl then proceeded to touch the St. Thomas artiste to which he resisted and told her that he’s not interested in being “touch”, he’s more interested in seeing her “twerk”.

The Video vixen wearing a black dress replied stating that she can’t twerk and that she’s “as white as f**k” alluding that she can’t dance. The track playing in the background sounds like a typical Chronic Law song where he sings about relationship issues stemming from, in most cases, the lack of love on his part.

The owner of Droptop Records was also on set giving the vixen advice, hence seemingly the track was produced by Droptop Records. The video was posted to Instagram by Questimes.

Watch the video below:

One female on Instagram did not like how Chronic Law addressed the female and stated, “Suh weh him mean di gal nah fi touch him 😒 kmt swear dem gal love tek insult fi invitation kmt.”

Another person questioned the girl’s selection, “So why would they use a female who can’t dance.”

See more relations below:

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