WATCH: Diddy Seen at Miami Airport Following Federal Raids on His Homes: His Plane Stopped in Antigua

Embattled rap mogul Diddy was spotted walking freely at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, shortly after federal agents conducted raids on his residences in Los Angeles and Miami. Despite the gravity of the situation, the music mogul appeared calm and unencumbered, a stark contrast to the typical image of someone under federal scrutiny.

The footage, captured around 3 PM PT on Monday, showcases Diddy pacing outside a Customs office, not in handcuffs or custody, raising eyebrows about his current legal standing. Witnesses at the scene reported that Diddy was awaiting associates who were also subject to questioning by federal agents, though details about their identities remain unclear.

This incident follows a series of raids by Homeland Security, igniting speculation about the nature of the federal crimes Diddy is allegedly associated with. Recent lawsuits have levied serious accusations against him, including sex trafficking, all of which he has vehemently denied.

See the now-viral video obtained by TMZ below:

While the full scope of the investigation remains under wraps, NBC News reveals that federal officials have interviewed several individuals linked to the allegations, signalling an ongoing and potentially escalating probe.

The latest reports are that Diddy’s private plane was tracked on Monday, it made a trip to the Caribbean, Antigua, but it’s unclear if Diddy was on board.

Despite the legal turmoil swirling around him, Diddy’s composed demeanour at the airport suggests a man confident in his innocence or perhaps accustomed to the pressures of the spotlight.

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