WATCH: Govana and Aidonia End ‘Fall out’ Rumour with Comical Video “UNU A CLOWN”

Amidst the ongoing speculations, Govana and Aidonia have stepped forward to put an end to the noise. “bay tingz mi si a gwaan pan di internet and right now mi deh yah fi address a one thing,” states Govana in a now circulating video.

On Thursday, Govana shared the comical video to update the public on what’s going on.


At first, the video shared appears to only feature Govana and two other associates beside him, they talk and question whether or not Aidonia deliberately did not shout him out in a recent performance, Govana also went on to state, “mi juh know wah gwaan!”

He then asked his associates beside him what they think of the whole situation, and one of his associates replied, stating, “God fada a pree yo”. Govnana continued to play along with the subject matter, until he asked someone to his left, what the person thinks.

Surprisingly to many, Aidonia was standing to his left, initially outside the view of the camera, after the question was asked, the camera then turned to Aidonia who acted as if he was someone else other than Aidonia, in responding to Govana, Aidonia stated, “People a p**sy mi fren suh anything can gwaan a deh suh it deh,” seemingly still playing along with the question whether or not Govana is being “pree” by Aidonia.

After it was evident that the two longtime friends were still on good terms, Govana went on to promote his coming Album titled “Legacy”.

As a caption for his post, he wrote, “UNU A CLOWN MAN … 1 STRIKE FORCE #PULLOVER AT MIDNIGHT #LEGACY.”


Watch the comical video below:

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