Watch: Spice Releases “God A Bless” Music Video

March 17, 2023 3:23 PM

In the midst of all the news and rumours surrounding the Queen of Dancehall, Spice, has released new music that tells a story of the pain and trials that she has been through since late last year to now.

Earlier today, Spice hosted a Q&A on her Instagram Live to address the rumours of her pregnancy, plastic surgery, and to talk about her brush with death. Her recent music video release, God A Bless, details all of the above and her love and trust in Christ, who got her through the worst time in her life.


In the video Spice flatlines (dies) and is seen being brought back to life where she sings, “No one knows what I really been through but God stayed by my side. Been through the darkest road everyday and mi affi thank God say mi still alive.”

Tapping into her well of talent, Spice mixed the dancehall and rap genres in her new release to give a fast-paced song that utilized some of the many comments she has been getting over the past months.

She sang, “Rejuvenation, rehabilitation, I’m like new creation. Dem nuh like mi, but dem have mi pan notification. If mi tell them say a dis mi know dem still a say a dat, I don’t pay people nuh mind so mi just make dem gwaan chat.”

Watch the full video below:

Released over four hours ago, the song has amassed over 15 thousand likes and more than 21 thousand views on Youtube.

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