WATCH: Tommy Lee, Julian Marley, Bounty Killer, Jahvillani, Gyptian… etc “Brighter Days” Music Video

Like we have never seen before, over 10 Jamaican artistes uniting to send a peaceful message through the music. The song is titled “Brighter Day” and the artistes featured are Tommy Lee Sparta, Julian Marley, Bounty Killer, Jahvillani, Gyptian, Anthony B, Dre Island, Maestro Don, Kiprich, Turbulence, Wasp, Zj Liquid, Leaha, Saaje & Mr. Pike.

It’s a positive song, as PM Holness recently requested, more positive music for the youths of Jamaica which opened an everlasting debate about the impact of violent lyrics on our crime-plagued island, a debate Mavado wrote a statement about, suggesting that the PM is just looking for an excuse as to why he is unable to lower the crime rate. This latest showcase highlights that Jamaica does produce positive music but whether or not the people will take on to it is another question.


The song was produced by Silver Birds Records and one can only imagine how much effort it took to get all the artistes to appear on one track.

SOME LYRICS “We need a brighter day… the wrongs we do can’t be undone so lets stand together one for all and all for one”.

Watch the uplifting musical video below.

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