WATCH: Tommy Lee Sparta Appears in First Music Video Since His Release From Prison “Tic Tac Toe” Alongside Valiant and Rvssian

Tommy Lee Sparta has finally dropped his first musical release since being granted freedom from prison a few weeks back. After images from the music video shoot went viral on the internet, fans were anticipating its release, the music video for the song entitled Tic Tac Toe, which features international producer Rvssian and dancehall sensation Valiant, is now available on all major platforms.

The music video for the Tic Tac Toe audio was first uploaded on Tommy Lee Sparta’s Youtube channel but was later removed and uploaded to Valiant’s Youtube channel. The visuals show the three entertainers sporting matching Red Socks baseball jerseys, white sneakers and baseball caps.


The audio of the music video started with Valiant introing the song by stating, “ yow Rvssian chip a wah part, weh you seh a di pree today,” followed by Rvssian showcasing his lyrical skills as he sang,“ Porsche 911 the whip that, Versace jeans wid di chip Glock.”

Tommy Lee then enters the audio of the music video while executing his usual dance moves and singing, “me bust shat first me nuh get back, 762 fi him six-pack, nobody can cross me, me nuh tic tac toe.” The switching scenes in the video include a pool party scene with the three entertainers firing water guns on a group of eye-catching women who were dancing and joy rating.

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As Tommy Lee continued his part of the tune, the Buss A Blank deejay stated, ” brand new Glock pon the endz, tilt up dark black Benz, Versace custom lens, drink and meet wid we friends. It is also important to note that most of the song was performed by producer\artiste Rvssian. 

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The music video showcases the rich lifestyle the artistes are singing about in the track, displaying high-end cars, luxurious houses, jewellery and expensive clothing throughout the music video. Since the music video premiered on Youtube, it garnered over 27k views in under an hour’s time and is expected to dominate the Youtube trending chart in Jamaica soon. 

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See the video below:

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