WATCH: Woman Rescued by Police After Being Chained to Floor

Police body cam footage shows a woman being rescued from being chained to the floor of a man’s upstairs Louisville bedroom by her neck. The video showcased an officer climbing up a ladder leading to the second floor of a house and entering through a window.

The woman could be heard crying and trying to answer the police officials who asked her questions. She was wearing short pink tights and a black spaghetti strap blouse and was secured to the floor by a thin, long chain attached to a lock around her neck and nailed into the ground. 


The victim told the police that the man was Hispanic and that she was sure that no one else was in the house but that they could check for themselves.

A hammer was used to loosen the chain attached to the floor. The victim was given first aid when they descended back to ground level and the lock was removed.

Reports state that the accused was arrested two days following the woman’s rescue by LMPD (Louisville Metro Police Department) units. It is unknown if the alleged suspect was charged. 

Watch the video below:


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