$8000 Demanded in Church for Woman to Sing; Unveiling the Complex Landscape of Church Business in Jamaica – Watch Video

A video circulating on social media has sparked conversations about the intricate nature of church business in Jamaica.

The footage portrays an unsettling scenario where some church ministers appear to be compelling their congregation to contribute money in various ways, raising questions about the financial aspects of these religious institutions.



The video captured a moment in a church service where a prominent woman within the congregation was on the microphone. She announced the need for $8,000 to enable a singer to perform, emphasising her status as a “big singer.” The woman’s confident demeanour and subsequent interactions shed light on the dynamics within the church business ecosystem.

See a photo of the speaker and the singer below:

Church Speaker and Singer

After rejecting one of two persons who went up to give her money due to the “small amount”, the woman stated that she had $1000 and needed $7,000 more. She asked someone to help her count the money and to advise her when it reached the target. In addition, she shockingly said that if the tally passes $8,000, she should not say a thing.

Watch the viral video below:


Critics argue that such instances underscore a deeper issue of commercialisation within religious settings. The practice of pressuring attendees to contribute specific amounts for specific services, as portrayed in the video, has ignited concerns about the line between spirituality and profit.

See some of the comments below:

Church Comments

While reactions on social media were mixed, with some labelling the woman as a “hustler,” others highlighted the metaphorical sheep-like behaviour of some congregation members. The text on the video, “One of the biggest business in Jamaica,” resonated with many, acknowledging the widespread perception that some churches have ventured into the realm of lucrative enterprises.

See more of the comments below:

Church Comments


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