Marion Hall Starts a US$2 Million GoFundMe Campaign to Build Church

Following her request to raise funds to buy Bibles for Reggae Sumfest, Minister Marion Hall is once again reaching out to her fans for support and has launched a US$2 Million GoFundMe campaign to build her church.

Hall, formerly Lady Saw, ended her decades-long career in dancehall in 2015 after her baptism in the Christian church and went on to establish her own online fellowship. But the controversial gospel singer has long expressed her desire to remove her ministry from social media.

In 2020, Hall shared that God had given her the name for her new ministry, the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ, and on Thursday, the singer announced that she had found the property for the church.


Hall requested aid to purchase the property and construct the church, sharing the GoFundMe campaign with her followers on Instagram.


Details on the campaign’s GoFundMe page list the property for $2.7 million. But Hall explained on Friday that she would be able to purchase the property with a generous donation of $1 million and pay the rest over time through a mortgage. Expressing that she was waiting for a miracle, the I’m Doing Better singer assured her supporters that God was greater than $2 million.

“I’m believing God for a miracle, just like my new song, that he blesses me with, which is coming out soon. The money may sound big, but God is bigger than 2.7 million. Believe God with me, Saints of God,” Hall stated.



Following its launch on Thursday, the GoFundMe fundraiser has already raised $200. According to the fundraiser’s details, the church will also be home to the Marion Hall cooking ministry, where the less fortunate will receive a meal once a week.

View the photos taken from the campaign below.


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