WATCH: Zinthos “PESHENG WENG WENG” Music Video

Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 6:23 PM

Watch this the music video for the viral song from rising dancehaller Zinthos called “PESHENG WENG WENG” which is a hit on social media.

Watch the full music video below.


Earlier, Zinthos sat down with Winford Williams of OnstageTV to talk about his viral song “Peshengwengweng” which brought him to the spotlight.

The animated artiste who is from St. Andrew explains to the viewers that it was a dream to appear on OnstageTV for Winford is one of his biggest motivators.

Zinthos who is a father of two states that he been avoiding all bad energy and how much he knew Winford from the age of 14 who is from the same community as him.

What happened to your eye? asked Winford Williams and Zinthos answered, explaining that he was on a worksite carrying cement and after his third trip with a bag of cement an accident happened causing his eye to be slit by a steel.

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