Wayne and Tami Chin Mitchell’s Daughter Ivy Shows Impressive Dance Moves, “she love dance enuh” – Watch Video

Saturday, October 14, 2023, 8:26 AM GMT-5

In a house filled with laughter and constant dancing, fans state that it is no wonder that Tami and Wayne Mitchell’s youngest, Ivy, is learning her way around dancing before she learns how to fully walk.



The proud parents uploaded a video of Ivy dancing to their social media accounts, showing off her dancing skills with Wayne writing in the caption, “Unu pray for me ya man. Me never ready for this 😅🤦🏽.” He tagged the photos with the hashtags #dancehallqueen #ivy.

A little over one minute long, the video of Ivy dancing shows her in a tie and dye outfit balancing with her hands on a small round table in order to stand. The video was taken from behind by her father, Wayne, who was giving commentary throughout the entire video.

As Ivy danced from side to side Wayne laughed and stated, “Wull on deh a whine she a whine? No man, dis nuh right.” He then moved the Camera over to Tami who was dancing similarly on the side and said, “like mother like daughter.”

Further along in the video, Tami commented that she loves to dance and Wayne asked if she was going to be a party girl. Ivy then put one knee on the table which prompted Wayne to say, “Watch yah a cock up foot, no man. Mek mi lock off dis yah camera yah right now, cah this a get from bad to worse.”

Watch the video below:


In the comment section of the post, Tami stated, “She nuh WAH walk but she Wah dance??…#IvyRavers.” Fans also commented with nadelizabeth saying, “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Of course she’s a dancer!” Sharonb_0203 chimed in and wrote, “From mawnin til night unnah jusssa dance inna dat deh house. Leave ARE! Unnah mek she stay so! 😂😂😂.”

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