Wayne Lonesome warns Richie Spice “Run back mi money”

Wayne Lonesome seems to be upset about how the entertainer Richie Spice is dealing with a situation that has come about because he wants to get his money from Richie. He says Richie owes him US$2000 or over Ja$200,000.00.
It seems as though Richie Spice is taking money from persons and promise appear on shows, but he does not show up to perform.

Lonesome says persons are telling him that as Jamaicans things should be worked out in a quiet way, but Lonesome is saying he has been trying to work out things with Richie, but he finds it impossible to deal with the situation.

Richie gave him the permission to put his name on flyers to promote the event and hotel reservation, plane ticket was paid for and now, it seems as though Richie did not go to the hotel and he didn’t go to the event, and he is asking Lonesome to ask the hotel for a refund and he is giving Lonesome’s number to his Baby mother, so she will call Lonesome. This is causing the situation to be hard to deal with.

Now Lonesome seems to be resorting to shaming Richie, as he believes this might be the only way for him to get back some of the cash he spent to organize the show that Richie did not attend.

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