Wayne Marshall opens up about cutting his locks

July 24, 2018 7:22 AM

[Sharingbuttons]Wayne Marshall doesn’t have just another new song, he has also cut off his locks and persons have been wondering if it has anything to do with his acceptance of Christianity. However in a recent interview he revealed that he just wanted a change. He said he had just laid his father to rest and his life has changed so he just decided to change his looks as well.

When he was asked about his new song “Glory to God”, he said he saw himself in a vision performing the song at Sumfest and the people were very receptive of his performance and he was very motivated to sing the song at the festival after that.


The song has been doing well for him and he says persons told him that they feel very emotional whenever they hear it, it brings tears to their eyes. He is very glad to have a song that has such a big impact on persons. He said he had asked the Lord to use his song to touch people in the second city, because of the high murder rate in that area.


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