We-Change Jamaica Pushes Advocacy Further For Safe and legal Abortions In Jamaica

Women Empowerment group We-Change Jamaica, are in high advocacy for the legalization of safe abortions in the country and has recently created an uproar on Twitter, to urge the government to look in their direction.

The “AbortionStandJA” topic is currently the number one trending topic on twitter in Jamaica.


According to the group, unsafe abortions have become a serious issue to the nation and they are classifying the matter now as public health since they claim people are suffering due to their inability to access safe abortions.

According to We-Change Jamaica, some people have experienced years of suffering and the Government is still not holding the issue with any priority.

As a move towards the direction of change, the women empowerment group is calling for the Government of Jamaica to make a legislative change that will allow the sensitive matter of abortion to be safely dealt with.

According to We-Change Jamaica, the Government is trying to use a referendum to make their decision on the matter however, the group is saying that referendums are just tools the Government utilizes to take the responsibility off their hands.

The humanitarian group further stated that the violation of civil rights is something that the Government should take up in their hands and give immediate attention to since it has to do also with public health.

See some of the tweets below.

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