We should Expect To Live With COVID-19 At Least Till Mid-2021

Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 2:42 PM GMT-5

According to President Macron, the covid-19 will stay in the world at least until the next year summer, mid of 2021. Macron said: France will have to live with the coronavirus till summer comes.

Macron stated this during his visit to the Pointoise hospital close to Paris. He said there were no plans to turn down the curfew intended to prohibit the virus from spreading. However, he added that curfew could be extended due to the current pandemic situation.

Furthermore, he stated that, at this point, when “I pay attention to the scientists’ work and consider the results, I see that expectations of corona-free France will be until next summer”. Macron said it is too early to predict whether France is moving towards the complete or partial lockdown.

Additionally, a government advisor said earlier on Friday that the coronavirus is spreading into France fastly than the primary wave that occurred in spring.

This is the first time we hear a world leader openly express the fact that Covid-19 will be arounf for more than a year. France is one of the worse affected countries in Europe and can be used as a model in understanding the deadly virus.

Currently Jamaica has over 8k cases and almost 200 deaths from Covid-19, see stats below.

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