What Are Top Easiest Programming Languages To learn First In 2021

There are many coding languages for various categories of developers. Here is a question about the first programming language to learn?” Below is a list of the best programming languages to learn first.

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn First?

The most crucial skill to learn in today’s fast-speed world is to learn to code. Computers have boomed in recent years. Numerous new programming languages are coming up. They are suited for different categories of developers (juniors, middle, and experts). And are used in web and mobile applications, game development and distributed systems. 


So, regardless of beginning coding as a hobby or looking for a new career, the first thing is to decide which coding language you want to start with. Choosing this point will depend on what kind of projects you want to work on and who you want to work with. That is why we give you a better idea of which one you should pursue at the beginning.


Python is in the student list of the top 5 easiest programming languages according to essayhoney.com. It is always recommended as an easy and fun starting point to consider first. You won’t have to jump into strict syntax rules. Python seems like reading English and is simple to understand for beginners. It allows you to get a basic knowledge of coding without having to learn smaller details that are often vital in other options.

Python is an ideal language for web development, software development and graphic user interfaces (GUIs). What is more, it was used to create such giants as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. But, Python is often considered a slow language. It requires more testing and is not as useful for developing mobile apps as other languages.


Java is a feature-heavy programming language that’s highly valuable today. I can write on any device and work cross-platform. Or even create a crypto trading bot.

This quality makes Java one of the most desired and high-paid coding languages. For those looking to learn valuable skills, it can boost a great career. Java is used among programmers in eBay, Amazon, and IBM.

Also, this development language is common in Android and iOS app development. This is because it’s the basis of the Android operating system. If you want to build mobile apps, this is the best option to start with. It won’t be as easy as Python, but Java is a high-level language. It’s still beginner-friendly. 


Ruby is comparable to Python. It is one of the easiest computer languages for beginners with no experience. With Ruby, you won’t need to know a ton of commands or vocabulary to learn it. Also, there are many libraries and tools that are available online for free.

A primary reason newcomers like Ruby is an excellent full-stack framework. Ruby on Rails is gaining popularity increasingly popularity among startups and enterprise solutions. Airbnb, Hulu, and Soundcloud are few websites that were built with Ruby on Rails. Also, this computer language has an active developer community today. While Ruby is easy to learn, you will find a lot of opportunities come from learning it. 


Even though C is more difficult to learn, it’s still an excellent first language. This is because almost all programming languages are implemented in this programming language. So once you know C, it’ll be much easier to learn complex languages like C++ and C#.

Since C is “machine-level”, it is an excellent option for teaching beginners how a computer functions. C is an exceptional choice if you want to become a master coder and a talented developer from the very start. 

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